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What I Read in August 2021

Wow! It's been so long since I posted about what I've read! Between the move and a new job, it's been so hectic that I've struggled to find time to read. But this month, I got back into the habit by starting with some old, easy favorites: the Chronicles of Narnia . This month, I read the first six books in the series, and I finished The Flatshare . The Flatshare  was a bit cute, but on the whole, it was a bit too predictable and proud of itself. I would recommend it as something light if you're having trouble focusing on a book, but it's not great. Narnia  is always amazing, so I'd recommend them always Today's Delights: My husband made palak dal in the Instant Pot for dinner - it was delicious! We are having some gorgeous weather this week! And I made it to the library for some new books! Find something to delight in! -A

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