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Monday Motivation: the Perfect, Zen Leggings

Happy Monday! I love to incorporate physical activity into my morning routine. Sometimes it's a long walk; for a few years, it was a Pure Barre class; sometimes it's a Peloton ride on my Schwinn IC4. Lately, I like a long walk, a short bike ride, and some stretching and meditation. No matter what, having the right clothes is vital. Lately, I have been even more motivated because I have the most wonderful leggings! I promise they won't break the bank! They're not Lululemon :) they're also an Amazon brand! Colorfulkoala buttery leggings  are truly buttery! They're so soft. They fit beautifully. They are not super sheer, so you don't need to feel insecure during a workout. I have two pairs now: olive green and navy. I would NOT be surprised if I purchased one or two more this year. I am also intrigued by the brand's joggers and the brand's bike shorts. If I end up purchasing some, I'll review them here as well! Today's Delights: Today was a supe

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